All the Birds

by Common Foundation

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released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Common Foundation Asheville, North Carolina

9-piece reggae/ska/alternative from Asheville, NC. Common Foundation formed in 2009.
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Track Name: What You Say
hey walk away, from what they say
we'll walk right through the town
and sing our freedom sound,
i wasn't born, to fear no storm
sail away, believe in what you say

i chased that storm
for a good part of my life
thinking all that you do
and all that you say
won't come out right
but now i find,
it all gets easier
i hope soon, that you too, do find
it all gets easier
Track Name: Ruder Than You
ask me when you see me,
i will surrender my name,
suffer, you're born to suffer
but you lay down in a crying shame
tell me kid, do you pity you?
would you want the whole world,
to pity you too?
i am, ruder than you

you've got it all, but you don't want it
like a flood that fills your back pocket,
i know you're going to find
that all things have place in time.
when all you want,
weighs heavy on you,
and the suffering is greater too,
i am, ruder than you

tell me kid,
do you want the truth?
do you know how it burns
on the inside of you?
Track Name: People Say
my brother, why you drag your feet?
hey sister, do you feel your incomplete?
and mother, where did we go wrong?
we're losing faith, it won't take us long
there comes a time, when you must decide
to break free from the crowd,
to be your own person now
and time can't be bought,
don't cave under pressure like you've been taught
rise above the gravity, and keep your chin up

i tell you, seek the truth
it will not come find you
people say, they know the way
but you have to find your own

there are others all along our path,
they will test you, stop and keep you slow
some will love you, and want to let you go
if you teach yourself to just let go

my brother, the morning sun will come
and sister, try to have some fun
and children, don't waste time, use your mind
and you will find

that our mother can sustain us,
but she cannot live in vain for us

Track Name: Politricks
snakes in the weeds,
all have smooth tongues
do they know what we need?
we spend so much time
wrapped up in lies
that we start to believe our own minds
don't fall for their politricks baby

when they get you down
try not to look at the ground
when you're feeling blue
know that i feel it too

we spend so much time
with our hands in our head
just put it to the grindstone
to meet the demands
of a fledgling nation
that's falling from its pedestal
life, liberty, and justice for all
Track Name: Mia's Song
mama said child, there's love to be found
love lights the world around
mama's passed on all this wisdom i know
but it's hard to let your whole world go
so i'll just be for me
cause i know the air is mine to breathe

father said son, there's darkness beware
it's the sun's curse from the moon's glare
like fearing earth with the roots that we grow
i try the waters that ebb and flow
but i'll just be for me
cause i know the air is mine to breathe

often i found when these two worlds collide
you must look for the strength inside
though our worlds may be ages apart
we all share love of a single heart
Track Name: War on the Radio
war on the radio
war, war, war

i fixed your bed
and wrote you a note
and all my love for you i swore
all the while i heard the radio
preaching me rumors of a war

what is the fashion we wear now?
we slept in the glow not wondering
what does this mean we have in store?
you're preaching me rumors of a war
Track Name: Earthquake Drums
hey brother beat the ground with me
the sound of the earth and galaxy
in our time, it pulls the tides that move
in our time, it bears the weight of truth
below the waves, the sea begins to hum
it's just the beating of the earthquake drum

feel the weight

for years now my life's been running scared
the truth of a normal life i fear
in my time, i've felt the peace that moves
and my time, depends on what i choose
below my feet the worlds begins to hum
it's just the beating of the earthquake drum

would you face the barrel of a gun,
or beat upon the earthquake drum?
Track Name: Crisis
we've got a crisis
oh can't you see
we've got a crisis
how can we set them free?

oh what a crisis
how can it be?
the blind they lead the blind
truth will not cease to be

there has got to be, more trees!

we've got a crisis
though some may not care
we can't live this life alone
praise be, for jah tree
Track Name: All the Birds
all the birds on the porch that stay
have all but one begun to fly away
the fireflies said their last goodbyes
but one light still remains
hey boy, no matter what you do
your heart is sinking deeper in blue
if all your dreams no one can see
then you can't share them with me

i watched it slip away,
some other day,
on the wings that hold,
a violent cold

you watched it slip away
but you're to blame
i'm the wings that hold
a violent cold

now in spring as the world turns green
sing a song a lonely bird would sing
how you faced the cold as the winter crept
and you swear you never wept
hey boy when it all turned grey
who was there and who went away?
if you fly alone then at least you're free
to share your dreams with me